Converting Cue/bin - Wav?

Hi people

I’ve been obtaining drum sample cd’s for use on my PC and 9/10 they are usable and very good. They are also always WAV samples. I’ve started to try and get my head round different audio files as there are so many there’s no point in being ignorent to them with yer head stuck up yer arse pretending they dont exist.

So I now have a drum sample CD which contains cue. and bin. files and I really dont understand how to convert them to a usable format. I use Fruity Loops verison 5 as my sequencer which only accepts wav samples. I also use Sony Sound Forge 8 to edit samples which has conversion capabilities but not for these file types.

Anyway, what I’m hoping for from some kind individual is an idiots guide to converting cue/bin files to wav, please, thankyou.


you cant possibly convert em to wav as its not a music format at all its an image format,you should burn as image using nero or mount with alcolhol 120/daemon tools
after that maybe youll be able to rip em to wav using a cd ripper like eac


click “open…” its on right side down , select the .cue file and click open
then click burn , if your nero isnt set to start with new compliation window then instead goto recorder>>burn image

nero express

click “disc image or saved project” and select the .cue file and click open and next

Many thanks, if its an image file how is it used for audio as it is a drum package,? sorry I’m a little confused.??

i didnt refer image as a picture but as a disc image a disc image basicly can be done from any cd/dvd media it basicly contains all of the data/sectors the media had in

oh yeah, sorry I actually knew that, ISO file.


Yep. For clarification (and to let you learn a little something), ISO files are merely one type of disc image. BIN/CUE pairs are another (technically you don’t NEED the CUE but it makes life so much easier), as are any of a number of others, although MOSTLY you’ll just see .iso and .bin/.cue nowadays.

You can also use “Nero Image drive” to mount the image, and just exract the WAV files from the “virtual cdrom”, without ever burning it to another CD :wink:

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sounds like this bin/cue is just a disc image and u need to just burn it…get daemon tools…find a free burn app like burrrn and burn it…if it has wav’s u wan’t on ther then try this free app cdmage

I think you read the title more than the content of the post. :slight_smile:


he can mount w/ daemon tools and use cdmage to extract the .wav’s or use EAC or MediaCoder to format to whatever he wants…mp3,ogg etc…

This is what I’m referring to:-

Any steps anyone has?? I download from utorrent, then what? [B]to burn a dvd movie,[/B]to play in my home? Thank You in advance.

TimC…i think i need glasses…or i’m getting waaay old…i never looked at the date :o