Converting Cloned Files Back to Program



Ok, even though CloneCD is not recognizing my Smart and Friendly CD recorder, I managed to use CloneCD to clone my win2000 pro CD from the CD rom drive to the hard drive. The result was that it deposited 4 files which ended in .ccd, .cue, .img and .sub. I guess I could then use Nero to copy those files to a CD.

But how do you convert those four files back to the program files. And could I convert them from Dos. Because every time I have to reformat, my Windows 2000 pro CD does not boot up from Dos. I always have to copy the WINNT file over to the drive first which then seems to take like 40 minutes to copy all the files from the CD over to the hard drive.

If those 4 files were on the CD and I damaged my original Win2000 pro CD then I could just transfer those 4 files to the hard drive. But also, if I kept those 4 files on the hard drive and I had to reformat, if I could convert them back into the program files from dos, it might save a lot of time.

A straight mouse drag transfer copy from the Win 2000 pro CD to the hard drive never seems to work right. There are always files missing so that is why I wanted to try cloneCD.


If your goal is to just backup your Windows 2000 CD you can do it easily with just the cd copy function of any program that trecognises your drive, like Nero. No specific reason why you should use Clone CD.


Thanks, I didn’t know that because the way I did it was that I drag copied windows 2000 pro to the hard and then burned it with Nero to a CD several times which always ended up with lots of missing files that flagged me when I began installation. I guess that was the wrong way to do it. I guess I just don’t understand why drag copy does not work right for all CDs. Now I’ll try the Copy CD function.


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But how do you convert those four files back to the program files.

You could always mount the .ccd image on a Daemon Tools virtual drive, that should allow you access to the files.