Converting CDs to MP3-files using Roxio

How can I configure the output filenames? Roxio does like this: “01 - title”, but I want it like this “artist - album - 01 - title”.

Another question: What is the best MP3-converter out there?

“What is the best MP3-converter out there?”
That statement will get many answers. I use Exact Audio Copy with Lame Encoder ( EAC ) I haven’t used Roxio but it should have options to edit mp3 tags.

I don’t know what the “best” mp3 converter is, but my preference is for CDex (with the included LAME encoder).

It’ll load up the album, artist and track names, from the Internet (there are posts by Debro in the Newbie Forum which explain this in detail

If you decide to try it, take the time to explore its settings!


On my copy of Roxio (7.5) I can get just the file naming convention you want so I don’t know what your problem is with it. It writes the mp3 tag exactly as they should be. Actually just this minute done it to prove it works.

However, I’d always go with CDex as Arachne suggests. It along with EAC are both free and very good rippers.

You’ve got those who prefer EAC & those that prefer CDex. It’s just a personal preference.