Converting cdr with mp3 music for use in cd player

hi, i was given a cdr which contains music in mp3 format which, will only play in my dvd player. what i have been trying to figure out is how to convert the format, to be able to play the music on my much better quality home cd player or, can this even be done? Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

If the files are in mp3 format then you should be able to make a direct copy or even copy them to your computer hard drive, and then burn them to a new blank CD - with any burning package.
Some players are picky about the type of CD R media they will play. I’d recommend trying some good quality media like Verbatim etc.

Also - (probably most importantly) not all stand alone CD player will play mp3 files. Make sure you burn them as CDAudio format - usually this will happen by default if you select the “burn audio CD” option in your burning application (but not always) :slight_smile:

Just copy them you your hard drive and then burn them to a CD with Burrrn ( and you’ll have your Audio CD. Don’t forget you’ll only get 79mins of music on it. Burn at 16x for best performance.

As above I’d recommend Verbatim CD-R media.

as usual, great info, on a great forum! Thanks very much to all of you! :slight_smile: