Converting CDFS Format to UDF Format



Does anyone know how to get CDFS format to UDF format? I tried MagicISO but my items are over the trial limit in MB. Is it possible in Nero or another freeware program that allows more than 300mb+ to be saved?


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It depends on whether you want to just create a new ISO image file with a UDF filesystem from a number of files on a CD, or whether you already have the CD saved as an ISO image file with an ISO 9660 filesystem.

You can change the format of the image file by using e.g. UltraISO which is Shareware (approx. $40).

You can create a new image in UDF format and save it as an ISO file or burn directly to a CD by using the “build mode” in ImgBurn which is Freeware.

It’s also possible to create a new image in UDF format by using Nero and burn it directly to disc or “burn” it to the “Image Recorder” which allows you to save it as an ISO or NRG image file.


CDfs and UDF are file systems.
Under Windows you can format a CD according to the UDF filesystem - this allows CDRW to be used as a large floppy.
CDfs is a file system used under Linux, that in principle should allow the CD’s contents to be exported as normal files (even if you have a boot image).
Your problems with MagicISO should come from the fact that you are in the winworld.


So in short my friend put some video’s (They went to the snow and video’d themselves) in CDFS format on a DVD and gave them to me but I cannot play them, So I thought hey I shall just convert the CDFS to UDF so they can be played DVD.


Can anyone help?


What are the file extensions of the video’s on the original disc?


EDIT: they are AVI files


One of the easiest ways could be you to boot your pc using a live Linux distribtion CD/DVD that allows you to mount the CDfs file sys (to do that you need to have 2 drives in your machine as one will be locked by the Linux distribution) and to extract the avi files to the HDD.
If you get that you will be able to copy the files (or the image) under windows to a UDF file system, as your problem is not a file system convertion but the copy of the files (or image).


MagicISO can do it. Open cdfs iso image file with magiciso. click "properties of image " button and check udf format option, click “ok”, click “save”.


Maybe you just need to install DivX

AVI files should not be a problem for you to play.