CONVERTING cda files to MP3

I copied (cntrl-c) a few music tracks from a cd to my pc. These files are .cda files. They are not copy protected files. I’d like to convert them to mp3s but they won’t open in Sony Sound Forge, iTunes or Windows Media Player. I no longer have access to the original source or I’d let Sound Forge extract the audio then save as a mp3 which does work. Any suggestions so I can listen to them? Thanks!

If you just copied them & have 1kb cda files then there’s nothing you can do as far as I’m aware.

You need the original disc to make a proper backup of it (use exactaudiocopy (EAC), it works miracles). There may be a question of legality though, but I assume you still own the disc, but it is broken or it is copyright free music that you tried to copy.

use easy cd ripper

I convert some of my music to mp3 with winamp. It scans through the file, and creates an mp3 out of the sound.

Download winamp at;

and download the plugin at

then all you have to do is select output in preferences and press play

.cda “files” are just icons, useless for anything beside playing them from the original source.