Converting CCD/IMG/SUB and NRG to either BIN&CUE/TOC or ISO; TOC files to CUEs

Hello. Does anyone know what I can use to convert a CCD&IMG&SUB (multi-session) and NRG image (DTS Audio CD) to either a BIN&CUE/TOC or ISO on Windows and Linux? I also wish to convert a TOC file to CUE, if possible. It turns out I never use Nero & CloneCD anymore and want to convert my backed up CD image files (if possible) to a more universal format. Thanks very much…

Burn the images to a CD and re-rip it with CDRWIN into your cue/bin format.

TOC file and CUE are not the same as a CUE is only an extention of the TOC (Clone’s CCD) file.

Or just mount the image on a virtual drive and re-image in bin/cue format from the mounted image.

What do I use to mount the image?

What will recognise these files as images to burn? I don’t have CloneCD nor Nero?

UltraISO isnt free but will do a great job!, the trial is 15 days or something but fully functional untill then :slight_smile:

ben :slight_smile:

Thanks very much!