Converting/burning software very slow.. Is it my computer or type of software?



Hello everyone,
I have tried numerous apps to convert and burn movies and tv. Ive found that some apps have better functions then others. For example I always loved Nero for the ability to create numerous types of menu screens. Problem I had with Nero was the converting stage always took Neons to complete along with tying up my process speed which led to not being able to use my computer for the 6 hrs it took to convert video. I then moved to convertxtodvd. This app seems to convert/burn much faster however the choices of editing menu screens were slim to none.
Ultimately Im looking for an app with faster converting and burning ability while still having the option to get creative and play around with making different menus for the video. Too be honest, while I do want good quality, it doesnt need to be a perfect 10. Audio in sync and clear video suits me fine.
Are there any suggestions? Could the speed have nothing to do with the apps but my computer? I realize process speed being tied up has been linked to computer issues but apps do have faster then other converting speeds. Im not sure if these details are needed but the steps I usually take are…

  1. Dwnload
  2. Convert n burn to dvd
    Im not into editing or tweaking the video itself. (Meaning removing watermarks or editing audio etc…)

Thank you everyone in advance



could you separate the times for converting and burning?
If burning needs much more than 10 minutes (single layer), then there is something wrong with your system configuration (hint: DMA).

Conversion is the most time consuming part. The speed depends on the source and target material, and of course on the computer’s hardware. The influence of the software used is normally not that big.



I guess i should be more specific. Yes, converting is what Im really asking about. I usually do one right after the other but in the same step (sort of). But yes, the burning part does not take too long at all. And with convertx even the converting does not take too long. But in using that app I lose the ability to make different menus. I know they also have menu apps out there but I was hoping to find an app such as nero (but not nero) to get the best of both worlds. Menu creation and decent speeds regarding converting.


Most of the free converters will not have much better menu creation options than ConvertX, and they will probably not match it for speed. AVStoDVD, set to use Quenc, or a one pass OPV encode with the HCenc encoder would be reasonably fast, but might still lag behind ConvertX. AVStoDVD is the program I recommend most often as an alternative to ConvertX, especially to those just starting this sort of thing since it is free, but its menu creation is definitely a weak point.

You might want to look at the trial of TMPGenc Authoring Works 4. TMPGenc was never known for speed however.

If ConvertX will output as separate audio and video streams, you could convert with it, then build a menu in a pure authoring program. I do this with AVStoDVD whenever I want a fancy menu…I use DVDLab Pro to build the menu.

Hardware is the key to speeding things up the most, especially cpu speed. I was amazed at how fast my quad core is for certain encoding tasks compared to my dual core. The software has to be optimized to use multiple cores of course.