Converting/Burning MKV File



Hi I have just downloaded ‘Batman The Dark Knight’ from ISOHunt using uTorrent, as a 1.45GB MKV File. What the hell is an mkv file? I have found that it can be played using the Combined Community Codec Packs Zoom Player. However, I want to burn it to DVD, but all apps refuse the file, so I want to convert it to whatever is recommended.
So what do you recommend?

I just want to burn straight to disc with no loss of quality. Thanks.


An MKV is a container just like avi or mp4 are containers…

If the Mods say it’s ok, I’ll be glad to post my 2 cents…
Just to be clear I don’t use torrent sites,but I am familiar(somewhat) with mkv files…


sorry but didnt really answer my question. i want software which can convert and/or burn my movie to a dvd


Here’s an answer to your question.

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