Converting/burning .flac's to audio CD

yup, dumb and simple. i’ve got lots of .flac’s and i’d like to listen to them in my car on the walkman. any help well appreciated. TIA

Get the newest FLAC package (v. 1.1.0) from…

…install it, start the FLAC frontend and load the .flac file(s), hit “decode” to convert (decompress) the file(s) to .wav format (without quality loss, since FLAC = lossless audio codec). Burn the .wav files with your favourite burning application (standard audio CD).

wont decode, getting error message: ERROR while decoding metadata state = 2:OggFLAC__STREAM_DECODER_READ_ERROR

Are you sure those are ‘real’ .flac files, and not just renamed files of a different format (e.g. .ogg; how big are they btw.?)? And are you sure your files are not corrupted? If you have installed the FLAC package already, load the files in Winamp (or similar) and see if you can listen to them (the FLAC package installs a Winamp plugin automatically).

they play fine in winAmp. i’ve tried out files i got at different times from different places. the file sizes seem to have a low around 5Mb, go up to maybe 28Mb, average say 18Mb. there’s a check box in Flac fronteend for “ogg-Flac” files. i’ve got that checked, and other box “dec. through errors”, checked that too.

Please don’t check any of those check boxes and try again. 5MB is way too small for .flac files, unless it’s just some very short track (a few seconds long). Realistic compression rates for FLAC files are 50%-70% of the original file size, means, an average 4 minute .wav file of ~40 MBytes can be compressed up to ~20 Mbytes in size (without any quality loss).

If the files play fine in Winamp, could you right-click on them and post the file info Winamp shows?

some progress.
i did uncheck those boxes and flac frontend decoded the files into wav’s; also i had tried using CDXTRACt last nught and that seemed to successfully decode to wav. but in both cases now, when i try to burn, nero comes back with a “power calibration” error. i’ve tried this now with many different folders of flac/wav files. i do appreciate your assistance. any idea what i am doing wrong now? TIA

the file info in winAmp is : “C:/…/rondo.wav” PCM 44100 Hz 2 Channel(s) 16 bits per sample length 4:31

Power calibration errors are caused by bad media, or defective drives. FLAC has nothing to do with that. Try different media and see if the problem remains.

P.S.: No problem, that’s the whole point of a forum like this, isn’t it?

I meant the file info of the .flac files, not the decompressed .wav ones. But since you successfully decompressed them already, it doesn’t matter now anyway.

yaaay! success. i used the my Lite-on DVD burner instead of the Plextor CD burner, and i pulled a clean CD from the pack. this worked. later i will see which iof the variables did it, but for now i am content. thanks.