Converting .bup files to Windows Movie Maker-readable? using Nero/DVDfab Platinum?

[qanda]This thread is about the JVC Hard Disk Drive & DVD Video Recorder. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello there!
I’ve made a home video using my pretty dated JVC Mini-DV camera, and I’ve gotten the files onto a DVD using my HDD/DVD recorder.

When I try and edit the files on Windows Movie Maker, however, it can’t read them, as they are in .bup or .vob. I’ve tried many converters out there, but most of them either don’t read these file types, or leave a watermark.

I have both Nero and DVDfab platinum, so I was wondering if someone could give me a tutorial on how to convert my files to something that Windows Movie Maker can read?

Thanks a lot for your help, or even just reading this! :slight_smile:


Robert :slight_smile:

FYI, VOBs are the files that contain the actual video and part of a proper DVD structure…
If your final goal is to keep as DVD, then don’t use WMM, and as you found out it won’t import vobs…If all you want to do is simple editing try something else…Avidemux, should open and edit your VOBs…Try it…If you have a proper DVD structure(i.e. Vobs,Ifos,Bups ,then most(like DVDFab) will open w/o issues…I normally use DVDshrink to analyze a DVD, since it is picky about proper structure…If something’s wrong(error),shrink will let you know…
You could also use Shrink to backup to a single VOB in Re-author mode, and import that in an editing app…
Or do you need final output in .wmv , hence your WMM preference?

[B]t0nee1[/B] gave you all free software, it is good. If you are going to be editing more like that I would recommend to check into Mpeg Video Wizard DVD. This software is made to edit VOB files with lots of features.
They have trial version.

I hope you know that disc from recorder has to be finalized, to be able to read it in other DVD reader/writer.