Converting BUP file to WMV

I am thinking of purchasing the platnium series of FAB dvd decrypter to convert DVDs to WMV files so that i can put them on my Zune is this possbile with this program? If not could someone send me in the right direction?

Best way to find out is to download the 30 day trail. I is a full working version, not a toned down version. I would recomend the beta that can be found in one of the [B]Read First [/B] stickies.


yeah i DL the 30 day trial but it put the file in into a BUP file and i need to convert it to WMV is this possible?

The file should have an AVI suffix. Did you use Generic, iPod or PSP profile to write the file?

hi, Rheeder218

DVDFab Platinum not not support output wmv, but support wmv and zune is in our plan,

you can try the DVDFab Platinum other features first.

Ripping the DVD with DVDFAB is definately the starting point to get the VOBs off from the DVD. After getting this done, you could use other means of conversion. Do a search on the web for “VOB to WMV”.

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I also need Zune support for DVDFAB, any upadates to report??

See the latest beta ( Lots of new entries in the PVP category. Maybe one will work. (I found a Nokia profile that works great on my LG cellphone).

“wmv and zune is in our plan”, yes that fine but when?! i have read thise words many times before and nothing happens - yes some new things like converte to a mobile is a new future but who is going to see at movie on a mobile, I thing that the support of XBOX360 WMV is a big miss - it’s almost that poppurlar as the PSP, if not even more! so when can we see the support for WMV??? maybe a release date… :clap:

Fengtao and Ting has been nice and generous to include features requested buy the users of their products and for you to come across like this shows very little respect on your part :frowning:

Amen :bow:

Try converting to psp.mpeg, the zune software will then convert the mp4 unitl a format the zune can use during the sync process. Takes a while, but worth it. I have a whole library of my DVD’s that I swap in and out of my zune. Love it. This is the reason why paid real money for DVDFAB platimum, Worth the money and I figure payback for a good year of backing up with the free stuff.

Pocket DVD Wizard (4.8.2) has very simple GUI converting DVD or most video file formats to a range of alternative formats selected according to OS, & including WMV8.

Output file plays perfectly with Windows Media Player on iPAQ - WM 5.0. You can choose file size according to storage card & there is an option to remove bars when converting wide screen format, which maximises use of small screen PPC’s.

Look forward to similar option on future version of DVD Fab.

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Dear all,

We are working on DVD to WMV feature, please wait.

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For future reference, a BUP file is the backup for an IFO. The videos are in the VOB files.

I have put a number of DVDs on my zune with very little effort, no other porgrams are required other than DVDFab Platiium. I convert them to psp.mpeg (the default setting). You get a MV4, whcih the zune software can read. The zune software will do a background "conversion: during the sync process. That take a bit, I let it do that at night while its charging. Using this method I have had a very good success rate. I have at least one title on a disk crash the program, but trying an alternate psp profile worked for me. Love it. WMV direct would be great as it would speed up loading the files to the zune, but I am happy for now.

Ting is already working on .WMV, as well as .ASF output option. He mentioned this in a PM last week. I don’t think it will be too much longer. He works on this stuff day and night and shares Fengtao’s drive to satisfy DVDFab users. :slight_smile:

They should take a look here for reference of someone already doing it.

Maybe then it can be added faster so we don’t have to be converting movies multiple times.

If only MS would just add Divx/xVid support for the 360. Not sure what their startegy is there. They are not stopping anyone from playing other formats, just not natively. Sounds like another monopolistic practice to me. : )

So much for it being an all encompassing media center lol.

There are lots of programs that convert from DVD to WMV, but most are retarded and don’t capture the 5.1 audio such as Xillisoft and DVD-WMV.

There is also a great program call TVersity that does on the fly streaming to the Xbox 360 from any video/audio format.