Converting Bought VHS to DVD using Canopus 300

Help! I’m new to this forum and new to video conversion from Analog to Digital conversion. You guys seem pretty knowledgable! I would appreciate any help!
I have a MAC. I just purchased a Canopus 300 to convert my bought VHS tapes. The quality goes from great to fade out black while recording. I guess this is a copy protect? What am I doing wrong? Do i need a particular software to run while copying.


You need hardware that removes the Macrovision & possibly other copy protection on the VHS .Called a video stabilizer .
This would be connected to your VHS player video output to the Canopus 300 input.From the Canopus 300 output probably like you already have it since it seems to be getting to your computer.
I don’t have a MAC but you will need software that will convert the files into ones that will burn to a DVD & play on the DVD player you intend to use.
I use the Dimax Grex .

Thanks! I was thinking that imovie on the Mac or Quick Time Player would pick it up?

In addition to a vid stabilizer, you will need some kind of video capture software. I am not a MAC user. I would have thought something would have been bundled in / with the MAC O/S.
In any event, look here: this is specifically for Mac:

Canopus has a website / forum at

I highly recmd the forum as they also discuss Mac related issues

For my Win Pc, I use a Canopus ADVC-50 and Nero.

google is you friend!!