Converting .bin to .iso - will this solve my problem?




I am looking to to convert a .bin file to .iso as my DVD player does not play from CD-R.

If I convert the .bin to .iso and then burn to DVD disc will this have the exact same effect as converting a .avi to .iso? i.e. will the quality still be retained etc and will it burn in a way that my DVD player is likely to read?

I am looking to use magiciso to do this.

Cheers in advance


Try to burn with ImgBurn, which support .bin format.


What is actually in the bin file. Is it a VCD disc image?


Your DVD player should be able to play a cd-r.

The problem reading the cd-r must be the DVD player not recognizing the stucture of the cd-r.

As TimC posted, what do the .bin image contain.


If you burning your files in MPEG format you might be able to overcome the problem.


you can extract to an ISO with this program!zip

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