Converting BenQ 1620 to Philips 1640P, first experience

Hi :wink:

I have seen a lot of posts from members converting Philips drives to BenQ´s.
Not that many converting the other way around.

So this evening when I saw the results new Philips firmware is putting up I decided to try a flash on my 1620 drive to the new Philips firmware 3.0.
First, I flashed BenQ drive with 2.2 Philips firmware (cvt) in DOS. Restarted and flashed Philips 3.0 firmware in Windoze.
You already know the result, so there is no more comment needed. :slight_smile:

Pros? Hopefully better burn quality. First burn.

Cons? The drive led is acting weird, only lighting read (when burning), but thats a minor disadvantage and quite understandable.

Finally great thanks to this wonderful community and all contributing to this achievement. Special thanks to TDB, ala42, rolling56 and Quikee2. :bow:

You are free to post your own experience in this thread :cool:

Thanks for testing this out.

I look forward to any further comments you might have on this conversion!

Small update.

Q. Can I use BenQ QScan v.1.0 tool on my converted drive?
A. Yes (se attachment)

Q. Can I use BenQ Booktype mangement (v.8.4)
A. Nope. But there are many other tools out there for changing booktype… “Bitsetting” function in Nero CD/DVD Speed is one of them. Goto “Extra” --> Bitsetting.

Still at work, more information comming soon… :wink:

I wonder if its possible to make some hardware mods to the Benq and fit those funky Philips LED’s :smiley:

I can live without those “disco-” lights. Burnspeed and quality first.
And from what I have seen on circuit board, it would also be rather complicated.
And we would need a new “faceplate”, and…

Maybe a firmware mod…? :stuck_out_tongue:

Note. Status right now; drive LED only working (red) when burning.

I have to correct myself. BenQ booktype utility IS WORKING on my “converted to Philips” drive.

I think it’s also in time to issue a WARNING.
Anybody that want to try this convertion has to be aware of the possibility damaging the drive to become paperwight (unusable).
It works for me, but that’s no garantie it will work for you. Every kind of firmware flashing is a potential danger to damage.

Interested can read in my first post how I converted.

Don’t blame me, CDfreaks or anybody else on this board if anything goes wrong!
And please, don’t RMA a crossflashed drive. Take your responsibility and buy a new one.

pinto2 > Good idea to ad about the cross flashing being the owners responsibility and buy a new drive. Might already have 1 person that has a dead drive and fortunantly he already said he was going to buy a new one if it indeed did die. Hope his drive is ok and not dead. I cross flashed my BenQ 1620 without any problems to Phillips 3.0 and back to BenQ f/w without any problems but i take alot of risks flashing my NEC 3500 and BenQ 1620. I’ve flashed my BenQ about 30+ times now to both “G” and “B” f/w’s. Flashed my NEC 3500 about the same times with many f/w’s and ones i made with Quikee’s patcher (thanks Quikee) and never had any problems so far but it’s just a chance you have to take experimenting. Good luck to all who cross flash their drives. Hope this is not to off topic but thought i’d share flasher beware! Here’s the only bad experience thread i’ve read so far >