Converting avi

I have just installed the pioneer 106 and nero 6. After downloading avi movies from kazza lite how do i convert them
to play on my region 2 dvd player?

I am new to the pc so please be patient with me.:slight_smile:

Hi Jemall,
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You’ll see that there is allot of info in our database. You can access this database by hitting the searchbutton in the righttop of your window. If you would, for example type convert avi to mpeg2 (DVD = mpeg2) here you will see allot of topics of other people who asked this question in the past. Very handy I must say.

You might also want to have a look at Chickenman’s tutorial where he explains how you can convert your DivX/Xvid movie (which your avi probably is) to a mpeg2 file which you can play in your standalone DVD player.

Good luck!

You can use Wookie’s method above,or use this one here

Thanks for the replys will try them both