Converting avi with TMPGenc = no sound....?



I am trying to convert an .avi file to DVD. I am using TMPGenc 2.5 to encode the avi, then use TMPGenc DVDAuthor to code that to dvd format.
When I convert the avi, TMPGenc creates 2 files. There is video clip that is created ok, but the WAV file created has no sound at all.
I use TMPGenc all the time & never had this before … how can I convert it WITH sound?


Can we ask why you do two conversions: [I]‘some_codec’[/I] to .avi, then .avi to a DVD format? What’s the original source?


The original file is an avi … to get it to DVD format I convert using TMPGenc, then DVDAuthor …
I wonder if the original audio is the problem. It says in Gspot for the original avi:
Audio Codec = PCM
1411 kb/s (705/ch, stereo)
44100 Hz
Is that the problem?


If you don’t find any other solution, you can copy the audio from the avi file using Virtualdub…save as wav file.

Convert the .wav to AC3 using ffmpeggui (make sure to use 48khz output)

Convert the avi to m2v using TMPGenc Plus set to output as ES video only.

Import the m2v and ac3 file to make your dvd in DVDAuthor. If it doesn’t like elementary streams (been too long since I’ve used TMPGenc DVDAuthor), you can always mux them first in TMPGenc Plus using the mpeg tools.


Ok, I’ll try & see what mess I make of it hahaha


Ok, I have used virtualdub to extract a wav, but when I go back into TMPGenc to do the video, the ES video section is greyed out … ok I’m obviously missing something really obvious, but how do I get that so I can check that box? Sorry for being so dim.


Set the wav file aside for a moment…you’ll use it in ffmeggui.

Import your original avi file into TMPGenc Plus and convert the avi to mpeg, but just output the video stream. To do this, you hit ES Video only in the options.

If for some bizarre reason it won’t let you do this, just encode normally to mpeg as you did in the beginning, then demux this mpeg file using the mpeg tools in TMPGenc. This will give you an m2v file and a bad audio stream that you can discard.


Youneed 3rd party tools to convert the audio in the correct format.

Or just use the real source of this movie…