Converting AVI to DVD

Are there any step by step tutorials available on how best to get an AVI onto DVD
I have been using easy CD_DVD player however although the quality of the AVI is good I always get fuzzy or pixelated pictures on the finished DVD.
Is there a better way to encode and burn to get a higher quality DVD



Have you checked our Tutorials section?

Maybe this will help (there are more in that forum too):

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, I seem to have followed this tutorial to the letter but have come across a problem.

In step 4 line 8
8. Double click on either of the IFO files and the Movie should start playing with WinDVD or your installed player. Check it out for lip sync at start and near end. If all is well, we are now ready to burn the DVD.

The IFO files show up as unrecognized files and double clicking just asks me to search for a program that opens them, if I click on one of the vob files this opens in the Blaze DVD player but the audio is now slightly out of sync with the video.

I burned this to DVD using nero and I also found that the DVD does not start at the beginning of the film and if I skip through the chapters the beginning is about 75% of the way through the DVD.

What am I doing wrong???

Any idea anyone?