Converting .avi to dvd

Every time I try to convert any file such as .avi to dvd I always end up with audio that is a little off from the video.

How might I prevent this from happening?

Using divxtodvd i’ve never had that problem. Try this if you haven’t already.

try [B]winavi[/B]. it’s good and quick

I have used this application found it very very slow Yawn, Yawn, Yawn! Ok it is freeware i suppose. But it does do the trick. :iagree:

I gave it a try, and it seems to be working fine, but now the video is really bright. Any way to fix this?

[edit] Oh, and thanks! :slight_smile:

WinAVI or convertXtoDVD are my favorites, had great results with both.

The video wasn’t bright to begin with? It shouldn’t have touched the brightness. What are you watching the movie with?

I was using Media Player Classic. I checked to see if my divx decoder had anything to do with a difference in color, but that wasn’t it.

I have tried DivXtoDVD to convert some MPEGs I took from TV. The result was a very dark picture and the sound was very quiet.