Converting avi to dvd

Hey guys, is there any other other software besides VSO’s convertxtodvd that will do a similar job of converting avi’s to dvd?
I used to use divxtodvd and it worked like a charm, but the new vesrion (convertxtodvd) doesnt work well at all for me. Any dvd I make with it always pauses for a split second every other few seconds making it unwachable.
I did not change ANYTHING (media type, burner, system) except for the software (divxtodvd to convertxtodvd) and now I can’t watch my avi’s on the TV.

Just use search there are tons of threads on what software to use, both here and in the video editing section. A good site for tutorials is

I have been happy with using WinAVI, I use it to transform AVI’s I record with my
TV card to DVD.

I had upgraded to WinAVI 7.5 but it seems to have some issues but went back to 7.1
I don’t notice any quality difference between WinAVI and other 1 clickers and it is very fast.