Converting avi to dvd video

lets say i have 4 episodes which are 40 mins each

is there a way to put all 4 in , in one dvd5 4.7gb

how many more mins of video can i put it without quality loss and what should i use to do everything

like i select # of episodes i want and click on some option which says fit it on 1 dvd then i process the thing and it does everything on some hdd folder and then i can burn that folder contents to dvd and that plays in player

For example with NeroVisionExpress or tmpg dvd author.

Or dvdsanta

or Canopus ReoCoder 2

I heard that scotch tape works as well.

You could always get froggy and use Nero Recode on all four of them, make a cute little menu and all that. I am personnally not a huge fan of Recode, since it seems to take for dang near ever.

Divxtodvd is the simplest but i’ve got better results with avi2dvd because you can use different and better encoders. The downside is it’s slower than divxtodvd.