Converting AVI to DVD or Video CD keeps getting Green shades or Garbled image

Hey guys…

I have been trying to put some .AVI files into a DVD format, with TMPGenc.

When I try to use the DVD encoding, then the video becomes filled with green shades, and lots of garbage.

Then I try to encode it using Video CD format, and then it still is garbled with some missing parts or artifacts, tough there are no green shades…

Guys, is there another conversion software, or a work around for this issue?

Thanks, I hope I can be helped… :flower:


First load the avi’s into VirtualDub and scan for errors.

Sounds like a codec issue to me. What does GSPOT have to say about the AVI and what video codec have you installed?

Chicken man I read your guide on how to convert the DviX into DVD and turns out I was usins NIMO and it was the reason for the video being messed up…

I uninstalled NIMO and got the ones on the tutorial and Its going perfect so far, now :-))

Can you guys direct me to to some good AVI scanners, I mean the best ones, even if they are paid?

Also, I wanted to know which video decoder program is better than TMPGenc, like if its paid its ok and all.



TMPGEnc is no video decoder program, it is a conversion program.
Decoding is already performed by installed codecs.

VirtualDub is a good enough scanner for me at least.

thanks! :smiley: