Converting AVI to DVD format

Hi, I have some AVI files that i am wanting to convert so i can burn them to a DVD and then use the DVD in my DVD player.

I have tried using TMPGEnc to convert these files.

However, i am wanting to put multiple files onto the DVD not jsut one avi file. I also want each Avi file to be like a chapter so i can jump from one Avi to another with one click of a button. I am getting the feeling i need to use something like premiere to put all the avi files together and then create one large output avi file and then use TMPGEnc to convert this. However if i do this i don’t know how it would pick up each individual Avi file so i can skip between the files. Does anyone know of a program like TMPGEnc that will do this for me. It would be nice if i could just add the files in then it puts the breaks in (MAN IM LAZY!! :P)

Anyway… if anyone has any ideas your help would be much appreciated.

each avi needs to be converted to mpeg than you can add them as titles in tmpge

tmpge can handle that !!

or most other progs that can batch

Ok thanks alot Snaggs you’ve been a great help!

sorry, I guess I’m being stupid, if you use tmpge express and convert each avi and save the project you can then add them ass titles when you finalise your dvd

I"m also assumiming you have tmpge dvd author as well to complete your project ??

Cool. Damn i just went to convert one avi file and it says 3.5 hours. This is a 200mb file. Is this the normal amount of time it takes? If so is there anyway to do it quicker? I mean i want to watch these files on my DVD player. But im not THAT keen :S.

Yea i was gonna use DVD authoring with IFOEdit

TMPGE is one of the longest conversions, DVD Santa is a fast but not as populare prog. but I use it for fast NTSC conversions

When you say FAST how long does DVD santa take to do say a 200mb file. I ahve around about 200 of these avi files im wishing to convert so… yea im thinking of giving up lol.

IFO edit is good if you know what your doing

encoding video is a time and resource intensive process. your computer specs will also play a big part in the amount of time it takes.

some programs will take longer than others, but you’re still looking at a good chunk of time per conversion.

my best advice would be to just tackle a few at a time and set it before you go to work, before you go to bed, etc, etc so it’s doing most of its provessing while you’re no tthere. (that way you’re not tying up resources and the process goes a little quicker)

thats alot of files, but DVD Santa takes about as long as the movie to convert ! it seems to average about 50 to 70 frames per sec

concerning IFO…your AVI needs to be in vob

ok cool thanks to both of you. Yea i do work… so that might be a plan.

I use the Last Freeware software by VSO DIVXTODVD, they now have a pay version. You can find it at You simply add as many files that you want in the open file dialog. Make sure your video formats are the same such as video size 4:3 or 16:9 and frame rate is PAL or NTSC. You can add different formats and force it into a final format. Video size can look strange if you force a different size. It is nice you can convert from PAL to NTSC. The program is fast. You do not have the option to create a Menu, subtitles, etc you will just get files that are DVD compliant that will play your videos on a DVD player.