Converting .avi to DVD format using Nero Vision



This is a noobie question. How to I convert an .avi file to a DVD format that will play on my DVD Player using Nero Vision. I haven’t been able to find the appropriate instructions any where. Any and all help will be much appreciated. Thanks.


May be you want to read this :;62#863


open vision click on make a dvd video then Just add the files. thats all


My friend I don’t use Nero much if I don’t have to but am very familiar and I would recomend using a program like WinAvi. This is what the program was made for and it is faster than any other. I have converted avi’s with Nero and Roxio and it F____ things up. Sometimes Nero or Roxio would convert the movie but if there were two avi files that needed to be merged, I would only have sound for the first. Trust me when I say WinAvi. Also if you have any trouble burnning the VTS files after, use DVDFab Platnum. For Some reason Nero won’t pick up the VTS files in order to burn to DVD. Nero now is a little too picky for my grand needs. I usually like to have a specific program to do a Specific task.
Good luck.


Thanks for all the info. Much appreciated.


You are always welcome and I hope you can overcome the problem you have and please let’s know about it.


Try ConvertXToDVD…it is available free on CD Freaks…One of the best and simple