Converting AVi to DVD and burning the DVD!?

Hey all im new to the forum, thanks for all the good information on here to far!

Basically im currently using WinAVI to convert my DivX to DVD then burning the DVD with NERO, However I have noticed some lip snyching problems with the mouth moving before the sound, When I pause my DVD player and press play again the syncing is normal again but then give it 15 mins and it will do it again… is this my player or the software im using?

Thanks guys

WinAVI is probably not the best software you can get.

If you wish the best balance between results, speed, and ease of use I recommend DVDSanta ($29). It should only take a few minutes to get the hang of, and I have never had any problems with the results (even when converting usual frame rates to DVD frame rates).

Ben :slight_smile:

I’ve actually heard some not so great reviews about DVD Santa. Haven’t tried it myself, but thinking of giving it a shot. Everything I hear is either it’s really good or it really sucks.

dvdSanta sucks when people have tried to cram to much video on there, and get it encoding at low bitrates that it is no good at.

VSO DivXToDVD is a great little app. As far as I know version 0.x is free to.

I’ve experienced audio being out of sync with video using divxtodvd. I also can’t do batch processing with it like most others seem to be able to do. I just have no luck with dvd authoring programs.

Another method can be to encode an mpeg file from avi and then reauthor it into DVD.

To convert avi in mpeg can use TMPGenc, and to reauthor can use TMPGEnc DVD Author.

Can find both here

Too bad are not free :sad: , but are very simple to use