Converting avi,mpg,ect... to dvd Please help!



I have been trying for awhile to convert some stuff I downloaded to a dvd that I can watch in my tv dvd player. I have some things like tv show “good eats” in avi. It plays fine on my computer but if I try to convert useing dvd santa or winavivideo converter it either fails or says it is ok then when I put dvd into player it says disc error. I tried to search and thats why I downloaded those two programs. Does anybody know a program that works to convert to dvd files that burn and play on a home dvd player???

I have some avi, some mpg’s and I think some svcd’s.


What brand of media are you trying to use.


Try 1ClickDVDMovie ( works great for me
Same makers of 1ClickDVDCopy (


Verbatim dvd -r, I have been useing these for years on backups with less than 5 coasters… I buy them at sams club…


Thanks I’ll try this and let u know if it worked…


I think you can still get the free version of this program , too.


Thanks it half worked… It converted an mpeg ok but error’d on avi…