Converting .avi files to .rec format

I seem to have previously lodged this query in the wrong thread.

I am trying to convert .avi files into the .rec format to download files to my Topfield pvr. I would be grateful for any help with this particularly which application (freeware preferably) is best suited to the job.


First identify the “.rec” format and post the info here.

It’s not freeware but the software that appears to do this is

Links helpful in downloading VideoReDo and accomplishing the conversion are:

I also read that VLC can play these .rec files and another conversion program you might try is SUPER(freeware) but that is just guesswork on my part. I could find no mention of .rec support on the SUPER website. I don’t own a PVR so it’s not easy for me to try this myself.

Topfield itself should provide software to do this…