Converting avi files to DVD

Can anyone help. When I converted a avi file (which looked perfect before converting) and downloaded it to DVD the audio was all out of sync. Can anyone recommend a converter that doesnt interfer with the quality. (I use Roxio 7) to convert to to burn.

What you are describing is a very common problem when converting avi to dvd. What program did you use to convert it?

Get a free video utility called Gspot, and open the avi file with it. It will tell you what codecs are used for the video and audio. I suspect that you have an xvid or divx encoded avi with vbr (variable bitrate) encoded mp3 audio. That’s just a guess though.

The standard recommendations around here for conversion are Avi2DVD for a free option, or ConvertXtoDVD for a commercial, one click type program. SUPER is another free option.

For xvid with vbr mp3 audio, I’ve had very good results using Procoder2, but it is a very expensive encoder. There is a less expensive version called Procoder Express. It can still be found at a few retailers…last time I checked B & H Photo still had it for sale online.

There’s also DVD Flick… besides the above…

I used Divx to Dvd creator (Roxio 7);62#4;62

[Quote=]I used Divx to Dvd creator (Roxio 7) [/Quote]

I used it as well and been very happy with it, the finished DVD looked perfect after converting :slight_smile: