Converting avi file

I have a video file in avi format.
How can I convert it to a format that can be played on a normal dvd player i.e. dvd, vcd 2.0 and vcd 1.1?
Are there any freewares to download?
Which software is recommended to burn it on dvd disk?

Thanks for all help!

Maybe you can have a try on winavi video converter which can convert your avi to dvd format, and then burn it to dvd disc.

There are useful guides on this forum here

Thank you zjmedia.
Winavi works fine to convert avi to dvd. :slight_smile:
The files I get after converting, are ‘Nero show time files’ which play well on Philips dvd player, but I don’t have Nero plug-in to play these on ‘Nero Showtime’ on my pc.
Which file format can one use that works both on dvd player and on Windows Media player on my pc?