Converting avi divx to mpg(compressed)

wich program can i use to convert an avi file (which is in divx 4 format) in mpg is not a vcd or anything is just a file with .mpg
I’m asking this because a have a file with extension mpg in about 4 minutes with 3 mb.
can anybody help me.


Can you explain better? What file do you have? an avi or a mpeg?

You need to know what you want.
mpg can either be mpeg1, 2, 4.

i have a avi file wich was made using codec div4. i want to convert to a .mpg file
(this mpg file wich will be created) is not a big one since i have 3mb file with 4 minutes .mpg
i want the smallest .mpg type
i want to know wich program will do that.

If source file is divx, then mpeg file will be larger thav avi. This is because divx compress files much more than mpeg 2. If you want a smaller file, then leave it in mpeg4 (aka divx) format.

Anyway, to convert divx in mpeg you can use TMPGEnc

you mean leave the file the way it is?

If you lower the bitrate and resolution, then the output could be smaller in size than the original (mpeg4).

TmpGEnc is a good choice, especially for experimenting…

the input file is avi codec with div4.
the output will be mpg it still will be very large compared with the
avi file 25mb about 22min
converting only 1 min in mpg is about 3.5mb
with biltrate and resolution cut in half.

i have a mpg file wich is .mpg is about 4min and 3.5mb
in real slow resolution, but how it was made?

Crazy low bitrate and res, surely using mpeg2.