Converting asf files




does anybody know if it is possible to convert an asf-file into avi or mpg?

Thanks in advance


check over



I checked too, but no ASF convertor overthere.


i dunno any actually

just thought there might be one there…


I have been looking for one of these conversion programs
for months now and havent found one yet. I know the old version of Virtual Dub will probably do it but it wont work with my codecs(Ill be damn if I uninstall them to get it to work.


check out my other reply here:


take a look on


It tells you on to use VirtualDub 1.3c (?) to convert ASF files, however, you still need to rip the audio out of it… I could never get VitualDub 1.3c to work with ASF files.


I use asfripper, which I downloaded after reading an article on cdfreaks :cool:

try this link