Converting and playing dvds

Ive got a film in .Dat format. I used WinAvi Converter to change it to an avi file. This would play in my dvd player that i bought to play avi files. However, my other dvd player does not play avi files. I was told normal dvd players play mpeg files so i converted my avi files to mpeg2 files.

I tried to play the dvd in my player but it still says “Unknown Disc”. Why? Is it the actual dvd that it doesn’t play… or the movie format? Help please!

While DVD video is in mpeg2 format it is NOT in a mpeg2 container but a vob. You need it to be in the right container with the supporting ifo files to tell the player what to do. Some newer player do play avi, divx & mpeg files but most do not - and not all even if they play some.

Since you have WinAVI, you have all you need. Just run Winavi and select to convert your .dat file to DVD. Once you load the file, select “DVD” from the bottom dropbox under “Select Output Format”. It will create all the files you need for a successful DVD that will play in your player.

BTW: Why was this posted in the Nero Recode forum? It seems better suited in the general Copy Movie forum.

So all i need to do is convert my .dat or .avi file to DVD format and it will play in my normal dvd player?

Yes, if you do what I posted above. WinAVI will make a folder with the correct vob, ifo & bup files that a dvd player needs to play it as a regular DVD disc. Then just use any burning app to burn it as a DVD video disc.

Oh… I converted it to DVD format but i can’t find any folders that WinAvi has made… And my file is still called .Dat. Please could you tell me why this is how to find the folders winavi creates? And also, once i find the folders, do i have to burn it all to the dvd? (The vob, ifo & bup files) or just the original video file?

Do a Search in Windows Explorer for *.vob or *.ifo or *.bup (with the asterisk) and if they were created, you’ll find them.

Start a “DVD-Video” project in Nero and import all of the vob/ifo/bup’s. After burning, the disc should have two folders called AUDIO_TS (empty) and VIDEO_TS (with the vob/ifo/bup’s). :slight_smile:

Thankyou very very much Cressida. It worked perfectly! However, I have that silly writing in the middle of the screen from WinAvi saying i can remove it for so many dollars. Tut! There’s no way to remove that for free?

You never said you had the trial version. You will need to buy it to remove the warning. I’ve used it several times and find it worth the $$$. It is pretty fast, never been out-of-sync and has made very quality conversions.