Converting ac3s

I’m trying put a concert on DVD but I want to replace the audio. I’ve extracted the ac3 file from my .vob and converted the ac3 to wav. However, the wav file is longer than the ac3! (approx. 2 secs). I’m using Cool Edit Pro to try and change its length so it fits the dvd but I can’t see to get it right.
Does anyone know of a method of converting an ac3 file to a wav file of the same length?

Have you tried BeLight?
Or HeadAC3he?

Are you sure the 2 seconds are not an “empty space” at the start of the track? Some audio editors/burners consider that time at the start. Sorry for the question, but just a guess…

Are you sure you want “wav” file on DVD. “Wav” is not a standard audio file format for DVD specification.

That’s a good point.

There surely is no valid reason to do this. I could understand extracting the audio to burn to an Audio or MP3 CD but not for replacing it on the DVD.

If you must do it have a look at BeSweet.

The reason for using .wav was because i wanted to use cool edit pro to synchronise my new audio track (you can zoom right in to the waves). It doesn’t support .ac3 or .mp2 etc…

As for all of you help, I’m very greatful but it is not longer needed. Dialysis1’s first post solved my problem, and BeLight does the job perfectly :slight_smile: It must have been a problem with the program i used originally (can’t remember what it was now though).

Thanks again,