Converting a video_ts (vob)file to mpeg

I used dvd shrink to backup a current movie. On my hard drive I looked at on video_ts (vob file) that shows sound and video of “HBO Movie Special Feature”. I want to be able to somehow change the file so that I may use it as a video file with home movies, using Ulead Video Studio 8. How can I do this. I already tried loading it to VS8, but it says that is a wrong file.

Search the 'net for “DVDTOAVI” - there’s actually a number of applications by that name.

They decode the DVD into AVI using installed codec’s, so you may want to pick up DivX also, but ULEAD can read the AVI’s and let you chop them up or whatever you want ULEAD to do with it.

You might also find material under DVD to DIVX

Depending on your audio requirements, you might either want to break out the audio into it’s own WAV track, or search for the LAME MP3 encoder.

A VOB file on a DVD is a MPEG2 file. VOB is just the file extension used by DVDs for MPEG2 files.

Try renaming the .VOB file extension to .MPG. Video Studio will open MPEG files so maybe this will work for you. :slight_smile:

No, you can’t rename .VOB to .MPG. You can use dvd decrypter to demux the vob files into an m2v file (playable on powerdvd, windvd, etc) and an ac3 file, which you can open with winamp if you have the codecs installed. After demuxing to m2v, you can now encode it to an avi format, such as xvid/divx.

I was able to download DVD2AVI, and changed the file just by luck, (not sure what I was doing-setting wise)to an avi, but whay doesn’t the audio work with the video? It made two seperate files, one video and one audio ac3 (wav)

What about using ?
(N.B. AC3 is Dolby Surround, it is NOT an uncompressed WAV)

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