Converting a PAL dvd



I recently purchased a DVD from Australia, hoping to be able to break the coding down and make it into an all code Dvd, so I could actually watch it. It’s a PAL and compatible dvd, which to my surprise actually played here in the US, though the video seemed to lurch a tad, and the audio track was fine. I tried breaking it to hopefully fix it. I’m using AnyDvd and CloneDvd2 in association with DvdDecrypter, all the latest and greatest, since it was my understanding that it would make this a region 0 and hopefully fix the lurching video problem. I played it, and no dice, it still lurches like before…any thoughts?



to get good results you’ll have to use apps that are made to pal/ntsc convert.
It’s a laborous process though.Go here and see what you need and there’s some tutorials also.
These usually do a pretty good job.
TMPG Enc(option to use avisynth)
DGindex w/avisynth


Region codes and PAL/NTSC standards are different things. If the DVD is already playing then it means the region code is already 0 or you have a region-free DVD player. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “lurching video problem”, converting the DVD to NTSC might cure it but I have no idea. I take it it didn’t have this problem when played on a PAL setup?


I actually figured it out once I got it on my Dvd Rom tonight, it is a Region 0 dvd, but it was the source video that was jacked up. It wasn’t so much a lurching video problem but the video would blur when the camera seemed to pan. I finally figured it out…it wasn’t a Region or compatability issue as much as it was an EXTRMELY poor dvd, which believe it or not, was direct from the manufacturer and a official league item, I thought it was a bootleg until I contacted the manufacturer and found out that it’s how all of their dvds are. It’s not taken from their own media archives (which is digital) but recorded from a local television station…supposedly to “improve” the experience…Pretty sad, especially when this is the Aussie version of our Super Bowl.

Thanks for the help.