Converting a PAL DVD to NTSC

I need to convert a home movie on PAL DVD to an NTSC compatible DVD for friends in Canada. I no longer have the original AVI files so I have to start from the DVD and I want to keep as much quality as possible.

What is the easiest and best way to achieve this ?

I have the DVD, an ISO file and the VOB files but where do I go and with what software ?

I have been trying Xilisoft DVD Creator because I was told it would burn the PAL VOBs straight to NTSC but, after paying for it and persevering for three days, I have given up … the software is so buggy that it is wrecking the PC !!!

Any help appreciated.

One way to try this is with FAVC. No guarantees that it will work though, since this is outside its original purpose. FAVC is designed to convert various types of video files to dvd format, but PAL->NTSC conversion with it has been hit or miss, depending quite a lot on the input files I believe.

FAVC can make use of DGPulldown, which is why it can be used for this type of conversion.

FAVC is free to download and use. Make sure to install AviSynth and Net 2.0 if you need them (they are free and there are links to both at the FAVC site).

Starting with .vob files, I think I might use Vob2Mpg first, to remove the video from the .vob container files, then import the resulting mpeg2 file into FAVC. FAVC does have official support for .vob files, so this isn’t necessary, just my preference. Vob2Mpg won’t degrade the video, it just takes it out of the .vob files.

Once in FAVC all you have to do is choose the HC encoder and make sure the output files are set to NTSC setting. You can make a menu in FAVC also, and it is possible to set it to burn automatically to a disk using ImgBurn.