Converting a HDD from Fat32 to NTFS

Hey to all :slight_smile:

I’m relatively competent at generally operating a computer, loading up required software, protecting myself from threats, data gathering, gameplay and the like, but totally forgot to reformat my new terrabyte HDD from FAT to NTFS (for the capability to store files over 4Gb). Sigh

So now I need help with converting the HDD over without losing the 380Gbs of data already on it - if anyone can that would be great.

I’ve tried to follow the instructions from the site here, but am told in the command prompt that I do not have sufficient privileges.

If anyone can help with the code to get me to administrator, that would be great. I’m the sole user of this PC and there should not have been any problems with administrative access, as far as I’m aware.

Thank-you for the help in this regards, and for reading the post. I would appreciate the assistance.


You can go to Control Panel-User Accounts.
In there you can chage an account or create new one for administrator.
Than restart and open with name of administrator account.

Windows disc management should do it. But of course, as is always the case in Windows, it’s not risk-free. The only real problem with Windows conversions is that you wind up with 512B clusters, which is fairly inefficient. 4KB clusters is the default for fresh formatting.

Partition Magic, or a similar tool, will do this and allow you to select cluster size. Best to do it from a boot floppy/CD, especially if it’s your system drive.

But the bottom line is that if the 320GB of data is irreplaceable, don’t do this till it’s backed up. If these are large files, the change won’t make much of a difference, performance-wise.


Acronis free trial, Partition Mag is $69 plus I have read it doesn’t work.

Hi again,

Copy and paste aboveURL to your browser address bar. This article explains it very clearly. Hope it helps.


Simply reformatting will change it but you should back up all that you want to survive on the HDD.