Converting a CD set game to 1 DVD

Hi guys, i have recently purchased 2 games:

Need For Speed Most Wanted
Doom 3 (and oldie :P)

They are both cd versions, but i want to burn them onto 1 dvd so its easier to install with in future. Would you guys know how to do this?

Thanks, compboy =D

short answer = not yet possible

ive done it with age of empires 3 and land of the dead, why doesnt it work with those 2?

thanks for the quick reply, keep em coming ^^

That entirely depends on the filesystem and installation method. So you need to find that out for each game.

ok cool what am i looking for, you mean how it installs, (installshield)


do you mean how the directories are placed?

or something else i missed :stuck_out_tongue:

compboy :slight_smile:

ahh im soo newb ive got nfi what to do for these games :frowning:


see this
and find [B]NFS: Most Wanted CD-2-DVD CONVERSION
then click on the download/ floppy disk icon that is there
then click mirror 1 on the popup

  • follow the instructions in the rar file and it will work. ive used it

oh and for DOOM 3 ---->
see this thread ------->

SOURCE: a quick google and my own personal experience

[QUOTE=JoshHyland;2581462]SOURCE: a quick google and my own personal experience[/QUOTE]

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How about then… Ripping the CDs as ISOs, put them into a folder (call this whatever you want - “CD ISOs” maybe, then before you burn the contents of the folder, make sure you throw in an disc emulating software into this folder, such as Daemon Tools or MagicDisc, and then burn the entire contents onto a DVD using your preferred burning software. Mine is IMGBurn :iagree:

Sling it into a box, and write on the disc. When you come to use it, install the emulating software, and then mount your ISO image either from the disc or copied onto a hard drive. (Copying all of this onto your computer will make it much quicker).

Boom, its as though you had the official disc :wink:

Why do you want to do that, may I ask?