Converting 712a to 712sa

I have a ASUS P5LD2 deluxe mobo which has 3 ide channels but only one supports optical drives. :frowning: So I can only have 2 opticals max at present.

I have considered getting a ide controller card but I don’t have much room in my case and it is already messy.

I am thinking of converting my 712a to a 712sa drive as my title states. However, I have some concerns.

The only ata > sata converters which I can find are made by sabrent and rosewill, both of which produce cheapo stuff.

Also, I am worried the converter will corrupt data as some external enclosures do with plextor drives. I know the sa versions of plextor drives simply have converters such as the 2 listed above to make them sata drives. Does anyone know what this converter is and if it is commercially available?

Thanks in advance,

You have ITE8212F controller what works with DVD writers, if You set it from BIOS to IDE.
My ASUS P4GD1 with same controller is working.
Try to upgrade BIOS.

Hey juhuslik,

Thanks for the info. Just a note; the controller is actually a ITE8211 not ITE8212.

I upgraded to mobo bios to 506, plugged a old toshiba dvd-rom into the controller and it worked! It may have worked before but it takes a long while for the computer to boot the first time the drive was plugged in.