Converting 16mm to digital video to DVD

I have several old football games on 16mm and want to convert to digital video using Panasonic GS150 camcorder then save to DVD. Any suggestions on best camera settings or any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
Also and suggestions on how to copy protect the final product.

Do you have the 16mm camera? Does it have any connectors (analog video out)? I don’t know alot about 8mm and 16mm video conversion. You can find a lot of info about that on the Restoration forum and Conversion Forum at I have personally seen quite a few posts concerning that subject, I just didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to them, as I haven’t had any need to do that.

A little searching around at and I came up with an interesting discussion about different techniques and quality using mirror boxes and direct copying from white board projections…through to labs using pro equipment and the costs.
Good luck…

You care correct Deanimator…
I have read those posts quite thoroughly, and they all say that if you want good quality, it is best to pay the pros to do it. And they also tell you which pros are the best, and which will give you most bang for the buck. You can get fair quality if you use the other home methods, but the pros have all the equipment, filtering abilities to remove noise, etc… I would say if it is important video, send it off to be done.

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