Converter for mp3 to cd

is there a way of converting a mp3 file back to the regular cd file? because my car cd player will not play mp3’s on a cd?

Burrrn ( is an excellent Audio CD burner. It takes in numerous music formats & converts on the fly whilst burning. It’s free & used by many here.

Ultra MP3 to CD Burner - a simple and easy-to-use Music CD burning software for Windows.

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Use Windows Media Player to burn Mp3 files to cda files. For editing the audio files normally I do it with FlexiMusic Wave Editor .

Most burning software can burn an “audio CD” from MP3 files. This is what you want to do.

[B]TimC[/B] gave the best answer already. :slight_smile:

Not necessarily if Mr. Trudeau already has working burning software.