Converted .swf to .vob now i have sound issues

I have converted a .swf to a .vob file… but now my sound and the video part are about 3 seconds off…is there any way to fix that?

bump anyone have any ideas???

[sarcastic mode=on] thanks for all the help and ideas [sarcastic mode=off]

oh well looks like i’ll be playing around with some different software to fix the problem myself

Sorry, Tupelo Honey, I’ve heard about muxing and demuxing, but I wouldn’t know how to do it. Do I need to?

ok i went back…and did a swf to avi…then avi to vob…and guess what IT WORKS!!

See, you’re much smarter than me! :wink:

So how’d you go from SWF to avi?

i used flash to video encoder :wink: