Converted MP3's to CD cause stutter in car CD-Changer

I have bought a new car which comes with a Philips CD Multi-changer. Unfortunately, all my existing music CD-R’s (usually MP3’s converted to music CD’s) either will not play at all in the multi-changer or when played the sound will occasionally blank out for a few seconds before coming back on. Purchased CD originals play with no problem.

In general, only my Taiyo Yuden discs will play at all, my Ritek and TDK discs are simply not recognised. Clearly, there is nothing I can do about this for my existing collection. However, what can I do for the discs I burn in the future? I have experimented by burning my TY discs using both Latest Nero and latest Easy CD-DA Convertor at 8x but the problem persists. I am using an NEC ND3500A writer although I also have an NEC ND1300A. I use Windows XP Professional. Should I use a different burning programme? Should I use my ND1300A instead? Should I get a specific CD Burner?

Thanks for your help.

If the TY media are workin, i’d use further these medias, in this case i guess your car player doesn’t like all brands. I use nero for burnin my audio cds, too.
But never had problems with it.

Unfortunately, the TY will play but will blank out for a few seconds every now and again. The other brands of media won’t play at all.

Well, if your car player reads the originals, and other media brands not, except
TY, you said there’re recognized, but plays not perfect, so i guess the problem
is somewhere with your car player or with your burner. Do you have the latest
firmware for the NEC?

Yes, I’m using the latest L&D firmware for the 3500 which doesn’t change the NEC stock settings for CD Burning. The only time I have seen anything similar happen is a few years ago when I first started to burn CD’s and was buring audio at too high a speed which caused mis-reads in the CD player. By reducing burn speed back then, I avoided the mis-reads. However, I can’t reduce my burn speed below 8x with the 3500.

Do you’ve tried to scan the discs?

I don’t have the ability to scan the discs I’m afraid. They all play very well on other players though.

Then do at least a read transfer test to see if they can be read at full speed. If they can, they’re probably good enough and the fault lies entirely with your car CD-player.

They can be read at full speed. I know the fault lies with the in car cd changer. However, it does read pre-recorded CD’s and so the manufacturer would consider there to be no fault. What I need to do is record CD-r’s so that the in-car player can see no difference with them. How can I best achieve this?

I’m afraid your only chance is to test a variety of different dye types (AZO, Cyanine, Phthalocyanine) and colours (silver, gold, black) and see which one your player likes best.

This is a very common problem & one I have experience of as my car stereo will not (officially) play CD-R.
However, I have overcome this by using a CD writer (does Cd’s better than a DVD writer) , burning at 4 speed & using Verbatim Pastel Cd-Rs (Taiyo Yuden dye). I’ve tried audio CDs , Memorex & Sony and while the Sony isn’t bad it’s only the Verbatims that I’m virtually 100% successful with.
Despite what others will tell you a DVD writer will not burn a CD as well as a decent CD writer will. I’m using an old Liteon (32x12x40) although I’ve been thinking about getting one of the Plextors.
Hope this helps.

Thanks TimC, I thought as much. Will try to get hold of a liteon writer and use my TY through that.

I can recommend you do these things:

-Burn at 4X (as already suggested)
-Use a normal CD burner (as already suggested)
-Use Taiyo Yudens (as already suggested)
-If the Taiyos fail, try Verbatim’s older darker dye discs (they can still be bought as Verbatim Vinyl AFAIK)

Installed a liteon 523252 burner and have successfully burned 6 CD’s at 32x which will play in the car multi-changer. I have used Verbatim TY Pastels. The pastels when burnt in my NEC ND3500A do not work in the car multi-changer whether burnt at 32x or at 8x.

I have also tried to burn 3 pastels at 52x in the litey and it worked - Yippee!!!

I tried to burn a Ritek at 52x and it was recognised by the player but jumped in the same way as the TY’s did with the NEC. I suspect I may get workable results if I reduce the speed.

I guess that DVD Burners just aren’t as good at burning as dedicated CD Burners - The NEC is meant to be one of the best DVD Burners at burning CD’s but it simply doesn’t work.


I’m so pleased for you.

I always tell people that CD writers are best for Cds, now perhaps I’ll be believed.

Where did you get the Verbatim Pastels from, I could only find SVP. Originally I got hundreds from Tesco @ £4 per 50 when they were clearing their stocks. Didn’t realise at the time how much of a bargain I got.

SVP was my source (for the burner as well). Have now burnt 8 pastel discs at 52x with no problems encountered. Will try out my other TY printables next to see if they are just as good.

I think my player must be much more sensitive than yours as if I burn at more than 4 speed I have problems. Could be that your new Liteon writer is a better burner than my old Liteon.


Have to say I’m amazed. I have never tried to burn above 24x before for audio and so this is a new experience for me. My other TY printables (sourced from Jetmedia) worked just as well as the pastels. I think the litey must be an exceptional burner.

It’s not that DVD burners cannot burn a CD well, it is that NECs are not good CD burners. Try a Plextor PX-712A DVD burner and you’ll see. I did hear that their latest (PX-t16) has performance problems with CDs as well, though. :\