Converted DVD Playback Not Clear

I use windows 2000 OS on a Toshiba T-40 PC, and use Nero OEM version software to modify and burn DVDs. My burner is a Sony VDR-VC20, connected to a Toshiba T40 laptop via USB2, and I use Sony DVD+R media.

My original movie files were on a dual layer DVD (DVD-9 format). I used recode2 to burn two separate image files of the original DVD: the first one was to copy (shrink) the entire DVD-9 to DVD-5 format so it would fit onto one disc (obviously lowering the resolution of the original video quality to make it fit on one disc), and for the other one I disabled all the movie sections I did not want and only kept the main movie (at 100% video quality) - this fit on the DVD-5 format (I used “fit to target” on both). I then used both Nero Burning Rom SE as well as Nero Express to burn the image files to the DVD(s) - I tried both for each image file.

When I play back either DVD I referenced above on my home DVD player (Pioneer - not sure of model number but it is a few years old and was purchased in Singapore - it plays all DVDs, VCDs etc with no issues in the US and Asia), the playback image is clear but occassionally (~every 30 seconds), I get the “digital boxes” on my TV for a brief moment, then the playback becomes clear again - this repeats. This does not, however, happen when I play back the image file on my PC. It is consistently clear using Nero showtime. The original DVD is also clear on my home DVD player.

Can someone please advise what I need to do to prevent these dreaded digial boxes and have a consistenly clear playback on my home DVD player? What can I do with either creating the image file, burning to DVD, or purchasing a new DVD player that will prevent this from happening? I do not have a second DVD player so I could not test these DVDs on a newer unit.

Two other quick questions:

What is the difference between Nero Burning Rom SE and Nero Express for burning DVDs (nothing other than options as far as I can see) - neither is superior for burning for newbies - correct?

Lastly, if I convert to MPEG-4 (Nero Digital) - will it play on my home DVD player (I assume not as the instruction manual says MPEG-2, SVCD, VCD…)? Please confirm.

Thanks in advance - newbie to burning

Probably one of two things:

  1. The DVD Player is having some trouble reading the disc, and video quality is taking a major hit for it. What brand/media ID are they?

  2. You could be doing a huge reduction from the original, is it a long movie? Nero Recode is only good for so big of a reduction, past that and it might be time to look at a proper encoder to do it for you. DVD Rebuilder and CCE make a wonderful combination for this.

1.) I use Sony DVD+R discs (ver 1.2 / 1x - 8x) and I burned the DVD at 6x speed. Smart burn yields the following results of my Sony DVD+R media:
Drive Type = DVD DUAL
Disc Type = DVD+R (Single Layer)
Disc MID = 53 4F 4E 59 00 00 00 00 (SONY…)
Disc TID = 44 31 31 (D11)
Nominal Capacity = 4.38GB
Manufacturer Maybe = Sony Corporation
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 8.0X (Write)

2.) It is a 1.5 hour movie. As I also burned the DVD at full quality (I disabled all the movie sections I did not want and only kept the main movie (at 100% video quality)) - this fit on the DVD-5 format (I used “fit to target” but it was able to handle the entire movie without lowering the resolution and kept it at 100% video quality). Subsequently, I do not think it took any hit in reduction from the original.

Any other thoughts? Thanks!

So i’d recommend to pick up some TY media and try it with them, and if you’d like
to keep the sony (D11) media i’d burn them at 4x, cause some of my friends hadn’t good
experiences burning higher than 4x with this media, maybe it helps!
And for NeroDigital, if your player supports mpeg4 Nero digital certified, you could watch

Can you please advise what TY media is? I am not familiar with it.

Many thanks, SLDWAA

Taiyo Yuden media, you can find it for example as Fuji branded, but look on the package,
there should be Made in Japan!