Converted AVI to MPG, MPG has errors

I have a video in AVI format. It is a nice clean video with excellent quality picture, just perfect. I converted it to an MPG file. I am doing this so I can burn it to a home DVD player that can read MPG but not AVI. When I play the MPG video though it appears somewhat corrupted. Audio is good, and picture is good except for constant flashing from picture to a grey screen. Imagine watching your TV and it bouncing back and forth between the video and a gray blank screen. Anyone ever encountered this? Got any ideas whats up? I have convert AVI to MPG files before and never seen this. Perhaps my conversion software is not handling the codec used on AVI video properly?

What are you using to encode.

if you want something simple try vsodivxtodvd

I’m using Smart Video Converter to convert to MPG. I also tried WinAVIConverter to make VOB file, same problem.

What brand of media and media code are you using?

Maxwell DVD+R Highgrade (made in japan)

Those should be decent grade media. I would try with a higher quality encoder, and a different media (verbatim mcc03 or mcc04) made in japan, and see if that changes anything. There are a lot of variables here, and this is the easiest first step in the search for a fix.

Issue known. I presume the .avi file is not a small one. :wink:
Try DVDSanta. It will solve the problem.

Yes the AVI file is 2gb in size. MPG ends up being three times that size. I tried VsoDivxtoDVD and did not have the problem anymore. So it was a software issue I guess. Thanks for your help.

You are welcome.