Converted avi to dvd and wont play in standalone dvd player

ok i got a avi movie that i wanted to play on my dvd player at home. i used cucusoft avi to dvd to convert it took 11 hrs then i used ifo edit to create the bup and ifo files it created 2 ifo files 2 bup files and 2 vob files i used nero to burn them it said created successful but it wont play in my standalone dvd player the blank disc that i used will play in my home dvd player cause ive ripped dvds to it before funny thing i put the newly made dvd back in the drive that burnt it and it wont automatically play but i can go to my computer and select the drive that the disc is in and select the first bup file and itll start playing its like i dont have a file at the beginning of the disc that tell it to start playing if that makes any sense can yalll help me