Converted Audio File For Movie Using MainConcept Mpeg Encoder



Hi all, I was coverting some mpeg files from mpeg1 to mepg2. One one file I had used TMPGEnc and had no problems. On the other 2 I used MainConcept Mpeg Encoder. I didn’t check all the files and I burnt them to dvd. What I did not realize is that the files coverted using mainconcept did not have any audio.

Upon using DVDlab pro, this program demuxed the particular file into an audio and video component. When I try to play the audio component in media player, all i hear are hisses and pops. Is there anyway to resurrect the audio from this file or any other avenue i could follow. I can’t go back to the original file i used before using mainconcept because i deleted it already…i know foolish me. Anyway if anyone has any suggestions i’d greatly appreciate it.



Hey i’d appreciate it anyone could offer any help. Anyone please.


I would de-compress the MPEG1 audio file to WAV, and resample to 48000 using GoldWave, then encode the uncompressed WAV to MPEG2 audio.


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Hey BCN 246, thanks for the help. I had some trouble using goldwave, but i managed to accomplish what you suggested through besweet. I now have played the audio file thru media player and now have sound. So I imagine that burning it to DVD will provide no subsequent problems. Thanks again