Converted all my Xvid AVIs to .VOB-But having Nero Problems...Help Soon as possible!

Hello. I just recently converted about 15 .avi files (dave chapelle season) into DVD file formats (.vob). I burned 1 Video_TS folder that I got using DivxTODvd, it burned and succesfully played. The problem is when I try to put more than one i.e 1,2,3,4,5… Video_TS folder into Nero Burning Rom , I get the error, "A special entry already present on the target location. Original, joliet or ISO file names can be identical. Cannot move VIDEO_TS.BUP to new folder. I click ok and I get the same error but for VIDEO_TS.IFO this time. Please reply soon as possbile.

You Can Only Have 1) Video_ts Folder Per Dvd. You Will Need To Create A Dvd With Multiple Movies With A Program That Will Rename All Your Vob Bup Etc So That They Can Reside Together And Will Have A Menu To Separate Your Movies . I Dont Know If This Can Be Done. It Can Be Done Making A Vcd With Many Programs If You Want To Do This Instead.