Convert your discman to MP3 Player



First u get a V-Chip (50$) then u connect it to the Main transistor (B52) with a double wire red/blue connection. U connect your serial cable to the LSS/Connection that sticks out at the back of the V-CHIP. Then u download: mp3uploader 1.5 by Double_U. It is a variant of the nICE mp3player…

and voila!
don thank me pls
thank Double_U


do you have an page were I can download a plan or an tutorial…

by the way thanks


were can I get this chip


Yes, I would like to know this site too, where you can find a plan of how to build it.
and on what sorts of disc-men does it work? on old too, or just on new ones? and when it is ready, can you just put a mp3 cd in the disk-man and listen to it?

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it will work whit older discmans to!!!




Oh ? It doesn’t work…

GoodTRY !!




Does somabody know the real adres?



Didn’t get the hint…


url isn’t workin’


Hi there,

I have heard somewhere that Mini-Disc also use the MP3 music instance of their own orginal format !

that’s would be cool.

PS: I don’t know if it true or false !
that would i am told “Internet Mag”



k, i will reveil the secret. As I know Holmez very well, I can assure you that the information provided above is fake.

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