Convert your .avi movies to the iPod video format for free

I just posted the article Convert your .avi movies to the iPod video format for free.

The guys
of Digital Digest have posted an article on how you can convert your .avi movies to iPod Video
Files. By making use of the freely available .3gp converter (.3gp is a movie

Read the full article here:  [](

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Free iPod video encoding has been available for ages, using the free Videora iPod Converter, available here:

Except, Videora can’t convert divx files that aren’t 25 fps. Though the 3G converter is lower quality, it does actually work with all types of divx. Though - it doesn’t do high quality movie 640x360 like Videora.

“Super” also does that for free … if you can find the download link …

I would use Format Factory…

…but, why are we in a 5 year old thread??? :doh:

Because this thread bounced up in the forum, despite the “Show threads from the last week” filter.


Was a spammer post from today that was removed…